Swing Set Basket!

Our son was diagnosed with Leukemia in February 2018, and all he wanted in his hospital basket was a swing set to play on.  Thanks to Pascale's Pals, as his treatments wind down, he can spend all his time on this wonderful swing set!

the Viebrocks

Easter for Elliott

We had just moved to the Columbia area the prior year with our two year old son, Elliott, so my mom came to help when we scheduled my C-Section for April 12, 2017 early in the morning at Women and Children's hospital. We were really excited to meet our little guy especially because I had been experiencing some weird happenings towards the end of my pregnancy. Our delivery went great as did recovery, and I finally got to really see and hold my little boy a couple of hours later. Unfortunately, our baby Everett became increasingly yellow, and a Doctor came in later to tell us that he was coombs positive and had an elevated CRP value. We didn't really understand it at the time, but essentially Everett and I had different blood types and my body had passed along antibodies into his bloodstream to essentially attack his red blood cells. He ended up in NICU with billi lights, blankets, and an IV inserted into his head to provide heavy-duty antibiotics to treat the elevated CRP value.


So what was originally planned as Elliott’s first Easter egg hunt wasn’t going to happen with us in the hospital. My mom brought Elliott to the hospital and we played games and read books. Pascale’s Pals brought in a special breakfast and I remember breaking down about small things, like not being able to take Elliott Easter egg hunting. That is when Pascale's Pals arrived with a bunny and an Easter Basket for Elliott. The way he beamed after that I will never forget. We often forget how hard these things can be for kids too. I can't imagine it was easy for Elliott to be away from his mommy or to see his brother in such a scary room. The Easter Basket was a great boost and he still carries around the Storm Trooper mask that was in it. Pascale's Pals gave me a little baggy with things to use while I was staying in the NICU as well as providing the amazing chairs and break-room at Women and Children's that I used. Not having to think about those small things really helps when you are so exhausted and afraid. Our stay would have been much different without Pascale's Pals as well as all of the great staff at Women and Children's. I'll never forget the nurses that took care of my baby (and me!). They are so calm and understanding, they deserve much more than what they are recognized for.

Cora's Thank You!

Our 6 year old daughter Cora underwent a massive brain surgery to remove a tumor located right on her brain stem.  Her results ended with the best possible outcome, but she still needed a lengthy hospital stay to recover, which wasn't an easy process. It took her days to speak and even longer to smile. Due to the surgery, she has trouble showing emotions and expressing herself. It's hard to see our usually cheerful, fun, super-active girl go through this, but she has proved to us just how strong and determined she is. She's still going through therapy but has improved so much!

The gifts she received will be a reminder of what she went through, but also of what made this hospital the best place she could have been.  Thanks again.  Michael Quinn (Mom)

Pascale White's Success!

In April 2017, Pascale White graduated from Columbia College.  Follow these links to share in her success story!

Columbia Tribune Story

Missourian Story


You never know when one random act can change the life of someone forever.   We are happy to introduce you to Curtis.

He has cystic fibrosis and is a 6 year survivor of a double lung transplant that he received Christmas Eve 2009. The last two years of his life prior to transplant were spent in and out of the hospital. He was in the hospital more than he was out, getting sicker and sicker.

Six months before the transplant, he told his social worker that his digital camera had broken. Photography was the only thing that kept his mind off of the fact he was dying from his CF. The social worker asked Pascale's Pals to replace his camera and we said yes.

Today Curtis is living his dream as a photojournalist. He was able to graduate from MSSU and is now employed with their University Relations and Marketing dept as a photographer. He has his own freelance work, and shoots whatever he can. Some of his photos depict other friends who live with CF, and how living with this disease affects people.

We are so happy to share that he is living his dream, in part, thanks to Pascales Pals & generous donations from all of you.

Baby Adeline

“Thanks you so much for all that you have done for the children’s hospital.  Taking my 13-day-old daughter to the hospital and being told that she had a brain infection was the scariest time of our lives.  I am so grateful to Pascale’s Pals for donating toys, books, … a place for parents to sleep. These gifts allowed my family to feel welcomed and cared for during our hospital stay. While we were not able to be at home, we were able to enjoy some amenities from home. While I had heard of Pascale’s Pals prior to our hospital stay, I did not realize the impact of being cared for during a hospital stay. Thank you for all that you are doing!”

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