Pascale's Pals, Inc. is a local volunteer organization that benefits the children and families staying at the Children's Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. The mission of Pascale's Pals is to provide happiness to the children and ease the burden of the families during their stay in the hospital. 
It is our belief that happiness, love, and prayer helps children heal quicker.

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Pascale's Pals is named in honor of Pascale White. She born on December 31, 1993 but on July 21, 1995 she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She immediately started intensive chemotherapy treatment at the Children's Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Pascale relapsed from the same leukemia in June 2000. After studying her bone marrow, Dr. Mahmoud decided that she was not a candidate to be treated again with chemotherapy. Her only option was a bone marrow transplant. She had an umbilical stem cell transplant on December 12, 2000. She became very sick and it is an absolute miracle that she is with us. We are thankful to God everyday for her. 

During these years we also encountered many families and saw that there was a need for an organization that could make it easier for these children and their families, while they were going through these difficult times.  With this in mind, Pascale’s Pals, Inc. was founded to assist children and the families of children who are diagnosed with cancer or any type of chronic or life-threatening illness.


Check out this April 2017 article on Pascale's graduation from Columbia College!


Pascale's Pals began in 1995. Our first project was a bake sale to buy TV VCR's for all inpatient rooms on the pediatric floor. Since then, because of the support we have from this community, we have grown and been able to help in all sorts of ways. 

Throughout the years, when there has been a need we have been able to help find a way to support the children and their families.

Things we continuously do include the following: delivering wish baskets for children upon diagnosis, supporting a Cystic Fibrosis "Beads for Breath" program, hosting weekly crafts and movie nights, delivering restaurant food weekly, donating the funds to build the playground, helping build TJ's Courtyard, renovating the NICU family room, providing funds for parties and specials gifts for kids with chronic disabilities, delivering presents on Holidays, providing funds for clothes, meals and emergency needs of the families. 


We are blessed with an incredible community. We are so grateful for the love, kindness, generosity, support and help we have received endlessly through the years. 

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